Lasting-beauty. UV primer.

Worried about getting dark spots from strong sunlight. Makeup smudging is concerning in the evening. Oily shine and dryness are both concerns depending on the area of my face. I want to protect against UV rays and care about makeup finish at the same time. Addresses these concerns

A UV protection makeup primer that provides a freshly applied morning
look lasting many hours while preventing dark spots from tanning

UV primer.


Beautifully addresses the daytime concerns with UV protection 7 makeup primer alone

ALLIE's technology that achieves the 7 approach

Prevents dark spots from tanning!

Prevents dark spots caused by sun exposure


Provides very high UV protection

The adhesive gel formulation adheres tightly to uneven surfaces of the skin.
The powerful UV blocking effects of being SPF50/PA++++ prevents dark spots and freckles caused by tanning.

SPF 50+

Leaves skin lustrous and appearing naturally beautiful!

The pearly glow makes the skin look brighter, leading to a dewy skin finish from every angle.


Skin tone-enhancing design for natural skin beauty

By encapsulating the pearlescent agent in a capsule, the product blends beautifully and adheres evenly without the need for difficult techniques.
The fine pearls manipulate light to create a finish that brings out the beauty of glowing skin from every angle.

Improves makeup application!

Makeup applies better


Adhesive gel formulation for improved makeup application

Containing gel ingredients that are highly adhesive to the skin, foundation will adhere tightly on the sunscreen and improves makeup application

Holds makeup in place for eight hours*!*Data indicating. Based on Kao’s research; Effects vary by person.

Prevent skin from becoming shiny and sticky


Sebum-hunting powder prevents oily shine!

The proprietary sebum-hunting powder quickly catches and solidifies sebum to prevent oily shine and stickiness.
The freshly applied morning look lasts many hours making makeup deterioration in the evening less concerning.

*Based on Kao’s research. Effects vary by person

Lasting moisturizing effects!

With approx. 65% water-phase ingredients


Highly adhesive gel formulation provides lasting moisture

Highly adhesive gel formulation with approx. 65% water-phase ingredients form a moisture-lasting veil.
This prevents powdering and dryness, and keeps the skin moisturized for many hours.

Enhances translucent impression!

Fine pearls in two colors

※Finished image

Fine pearls in two colors that bring out translucence

By blending two colors of fine pearls in red to increase brightness and luster, and silver to transmit red light and create a pure, translucent look, they reflect light and improve translucence.
It naturally covers dullness without a heavy makeup look.

No heavy makeup look!

The cause of makeup smudging after reapplication, The oils of foundation and sunscreen combine, destroying makeup coating. ALLIE’s new technology, Encapsulation prevents mixing with oil and prevents smudging even when layered over!

No heavy makeup look even after retouching over makeup!

It is the oil in sunscreen that causes makeup to smudge.
By encapsulating the oil, we designed the product so that it does not come into direct contact with foundation, allowing it to be beautifully reapplied over makeup without smudging.

The freshly applied morning look lasts for many hours

data indicating 8 hour of luster retention obtained*.non-comedogenic tested*1.※1 Completed testing to confirm that the product is designed to prevent comedos (which cause pimples) (non-comedogenic testing)*2.※2 Does not constitute a guarantee that all users will be free from comedos (which cause pimples).Can be removed with regular makeup remover.Does not easily rub off onto masks, towels, etc.Friction Resistant.Very water resistant Outstanding resistance to water and long-lasting effect.Sweat resistant Resistance to sweat and long-lasting effect.Beach Friendly formula. Designed to be environmentally friendly​. Water environment risk assessment


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How to use LASTING

Apply sunscreen to the forehead, both cheeks, nose (bridge of nose) and chin.Apply quickly, drawing large spirals.Blend onto the nose in a circular motion as well.Spread in one large direction and blend, then spread evenly over the entire face.Apply the product to small areas around the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin with the balls of your fingers particularly gently.

Reapplying over makeup Lasting-beauty. UV primer.

To maintain sunscreen effects, reapply frequently when after wiping off sweat.
The SPF value indicates protection factor against UV-B waves, while PA categories show protection effect against UV-A waves.
SPF values and PA categories are measured by applying 2mg per 1cm based on international standards.
Please take these information into your consideration when selecting a product.

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