Think Sustainability Action 2023 activities

Action.01 Seabin Donation Project

Activities in Japan

Installing and donating marine  plastic litter collection device Seabin.*As of 2023.Seabin is a marine debris collection device that can be installed in any water areas. This device captures floating litter and microplastics by moving the suction opening up and down to filter surface water.

ALLIE will embark on this Seabin project to tackle the global issue of ocean plastic pollution by purchasing and donating marine plastic debris collection devices Seabin.

We donate to Marine Sports Foundation

Activities overseas

ALLIE endorses the vision of the Seabin Foundation  that tackles global ocean pollution  and donates to the organization.*Donation activities have currently ended

We donate to The Seabin Foundation

Action.02 ALLIE Beauty up Island within the cluster The world’s first* permanent 3D world created by a cosmetics brand.*Cluster research


ALLIE Beauty up Island.Island where everyone can become beautiful together

Here you can be immersed in the world of beauty, anytime, anywhere.  You can come across knowledge to polish your beauty and even make the real world beautiful by simply conducting a “”Virtual Beach Clean-up”” in this world.  Every time you visit this space, you can make yourself and the world more beautiful.  ALLIE BEAUTY UP ISLAND


Install the app



*You need to download the cluster app and create an account to experience the world.

Beach clean-up partner green bird

As a partner, green bird will connect “Virtual Beach Clean-up”  in ALLIE BEAUTY UP ISLAND  with real-world beach clean-up activities.  ALLIE and green bird will work together to clean up the beach.

Action.03 Environmental Day Action 2023

On days to raise awareness of the environment, ALLIE will collaborate with guests and companies to take action.

ALLIE held an annual beach cleanup activity this year too! ALLIE sponsored a beach cleanup activity on the last day of the “white buffalo HYUGA PRO QS3000” international surfing competition. A total of 110 people, including professional surfer Shino Matsuda who is an ALLIE Think Sustainability Action ambassador, contestants, and spectators, collected 48 kg of trash (only man-made objects). The trash we collected included large objects that seemed to have come from outside Japan, signs that were probably washed up in typhoons last year and small plastics that could become fine microplastics.

We installed a marine plastic litter collection device “Seabin”  On March 22, World Water Day, we held a launch ceremony for Seabin at Fukaura Boat Park in Yokosuka City.  We installed and will operate Seabin in Yokosuka, where trash from Tokyo tends to drift, to address the issue of marine debris going forward. At the ceremony, after taking a commemorative photo with Mr. Okamura, Executive Director of the Marine Sports Foundation, and Mr. Ikeda, Director of Heisen Yoko, we watched Seabin installed on the pier and sucking up trash. On the day of the event, the boat park served as a venue for an SDGs-themed extracurricular event for elementary schools in the city, and children gathered in the park to see Seabin, a marine plastic litter collection device.  Going forward, we plan to participate in events sponsored by the Marine Sports Foundation to cooperate in sustainable activities, such as upcycling collected trash.*As of 2023

ALLIE held a fun experience-oriented event themed on beauty and sustainability on the metaverse. We held a metaverse event “ALLIE Meta Earth Day” on Earth Day, April 22.  The event took place in the world’s first* permanent metaverse space for a cosmetics brand on the cluster app with the two members of the comedy duo Machine Guns as MCs and Chiaki Ito and Mr. Fukuda of the NPO Green Bird as guests, who all joined as their own avatars.  Many people participated and enjoyed a variety of features of the event. In the BEAUTY talk session with Chiaki Ito, who regularly uses ALLIE, she showed us what she carries in her purse, and explained tips for using her favorite “No-Foundation UV*1” and the new product “Cheeks UV.”  In the special live performance, she sang an event-special version of her new song “Honey” before its release, livening up the audience! In collaboration with the NPO green bird, the participants experienced our new program “Virtual Beach Clean,” in which they can pick up 1g of marine debris by picking up 1 piece of trash in the metaverse space.   The event also featured much more. We conducted fun learning activities such as BEAUTY and SUSTAINABILITY quiz sessions, a giveaway campaign for collaborative products with Chiaki Ito on the cluster app, etc. before concluding the event. The event served as an opportunity to promote ALLIE, which has become a more environmentally friendly brand than last year, from a greater variety of perspectives. ALLIE will continue our efforts to support the beauty of our consumers and the planet to provide sunscreens that live up to our slogan “Think Sustainability, Be Beautiful.*2”

ALLIE held a real beach cleanup activity linked to “virtual beach cleanup” in the Metaverse space! On Sunday, June 4, the ALLIE team held a beach cleanup activity at Koshigoe Beach with members of green bird and volunteers from the general public.  This is a collaborative program in which participants collected trash collected in the metaverse space “ALLIE BEAUTY UP ISLAND” in a real beach cleanup activity held to follow up on “Virtual Beach Clean,” which took place in ALLIE Meta Earth Day Special Event on April 22. The total weight of trash collected during the real beach cleanup was 42 kg!  Because a typhoon had just hit the area, there was much more trash washed up from the ocean than usual. In addition to burnable trash such as non-woven masks and grocery bags, there was also a lot of large pieces of trash such as tires and fishing gear.  There were also many small pieces of marine plastic, which has become a social concern, and we carefully picked them up one by one, collecting a large amount of trash again this year. ALLIE will continue its initiatives to achieve sustainability as we seek to “sustaining your beaty and the world’s.”

Sustainability Action Event —Take action to protect our rich ocean— On June 8, World Oceans Day, we held a “Sustainability Action Event” with Baby Kiy as our guest.  In the talk session, Baby Kiy, known for her love for nature, talked about the daily sustainability initiatives she practices and how she spends time on the beach as well as her summer beauty care routine. Click here for archived videos

After the talk session, we cleaned the beach with the participants, making the sea beautiful again.  In addition, the event offered a variety of hands-on activities, including a workshop where participants made their own bottles under the supervision of Baby Kiy.

Sustainability Action Event: Let’s Think About Sustainability! A Think Sustainability Action Event was held on Marine Day, July 17, welcoming model, singer and songwriter chay and ALLIE ambassador and pro surfer Shino Matsuda as guests. Chay x Shino Matsuda talk event The two talked about what they are conscious of and specific actions they take on a daily basis in connection with sustainability, the main theme of this event. They also talked about their favorite ways to spend the summer season, what they do to build their bodies, and how they prevent their makeup from wearing off in the summer, giving the audience a glimpse into their daily lives. The talk event was live-streamed from the venue, and generated high levels of excitement among both real-life participants and the Insta-live audience! Click here for archived videos

Yoga & meditation experience to enhance inner beauty In collaboration with AWAKEME, a wellness party, we invited an instructor for chay, Shino Matsuda and guests to experience yoga for 50 minutes. The participants enjoyed the session without strain, with poses focusing on basic postures that are easy to practice even for beginners. They were  also taught about the basic concepts of yoga and had time for meditation, allowing them to fully experience yoga while reflecting on their own bodies and minds. Beautify the ocean through beach cleanup activities! People who participated in the event cleaned the beach. Everyone was very enthusiastic about cleaning up the beach after listening to chay and Shino Matsuda’s talk event and ALLIE’s sustainability efforts. Even the seemingly clean beach was found to be littered with plastic, plastic, and other small debris, and a lot of trash was collected during this event as well! UV camera experience In the afternoon, an ALLIE booth was set up to provide beachgoers with a UV camera experience to check if they were applying sunscreen unevenly. Many people were surprised to see their own faces when they looked at the UV camera and saw that even if they thought they had applied sunscreen well, there were areas missed. Applying ALLIE sunscreen on areas where it had been found to be applied unevenly, they were able to protect themselves against sunburn while having fun.

Product LINEUP

To maintain sunscreen effects, reapply frequently when after wiping off sweat.
The SPF value indicates protection factor against UV-B waves, while PA categories show protection effect against UV-A waves.
SPF values and PA categories are measured by applying 2mg per 1cm based on international standards.
Please take these information into your consideration when selecting a product.

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