2024.5.11 Available in limited quantities!SMOOTH GEL UV

Do you experience these
concerns during the
sweaty season?

Bangs sticking with sweat.Hair sticking to the nape of your neck or décolleté.Stickiness on your arms and feet which are prone to feeling sweaty

A refreshed and beautiful skin finish less sticky lasts many hours.SMOOTH GEL UV

Two new technologies developed by ALLIE

For oily shine and stickiness

For oily shine and stickiness


Sebum-absorbing powders prevent oily shine, and approximately 60 million particles of Dry Ball Powders* in a single swipe prevent sticky skin and hair.

* Calculated from 2 mg/㎝² per use. With ingredients that prevent stickiness on skin

Décolleté, Nape of the neck/back, Shoulder/Neck

* Pictures all represent finished images

Leaves pores with a natural finish

Blue and red pore-blurring pears create a translucent and healthy complexion. 
By diffusing light, pores become less noticeable, resulting in a beautiful skin finish.

Before application, After application

※Finished image

8 Non-sticky feeling lasts for hours.The perception may vary by individual.

Sweat resistant Resistance to sweat and long-lasting effect.Friction Resistant.Very water resistant Outstanding resistance to water and long-lasting effect.Does not easily rub off onto masks, towels, etc.

  • Formulated with menthol (cooling agent)
  • Green Tea & Limone Scent

For a refreshed and beautiful skin finish that lasts


If you are using a smartphone, it is
recommended to watch it in full screen.

To maintain sunscreen effects, reapply frequently when after wiping off sweat.
The SPF value indicates protection factor against UV-B waves, while PA categories show protection effect against UV-A waves.
SPF values and PA categories are measured by applying 2mg per 1cm based on international standards.
Please take these information into your consideration when selecting a product.

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