No-foundation UV01

No-foundation UV01

Color image

Color image

Adds a translucent impression.
The tone correction effect of purple covers dullness and pores.

No-foundation UV

Product information


No-foundation UV* that gives the face
a delicate translucent look
that lasts without wearing foundation
Hydrangeas & Sage Scent creates a serene mood.

*Sunscreen that creates natural base makeup even without wearing foundation

Beach Friendly formula. Designed to be environmentally friendly​. Water environment risk assessment.SPF 50+.PA++++.Friction Resistant.Very water resistant Outstanding resistance to water and long-lasting effect.Contains beauty essence (moisturizing) ingredients: sodium hyaluronate.Can be removed with regular makeup remover.Can also be used as a makeup base.8 hours of shine control and long-lastingness.Does not easily rub off onto masks, towels, etc.Sweat resistant Resistance to sweat and long-lasting effect

*With makeup effects Proven by data. Based on Kao’s research; Effects vary by person.

  • Beach Friendly Formula. Designed to be environmentally friendly (Water environment risk assessment completed)
  • Friction Resistant. Does not easily rub off onto masks, towels, etc.
  • Very Water-resistant. Extremely resistant to sweat and water.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging

Dermatologically tested

This does not constitute a guarantee that all users will be free from allergic reactions.


ノーファンデUV 3色紹介

Secret of the pore coverage

8 hours of shine control and long-lastingness Proven by data

The three functions of friction resistance, sweat and water resistance, and sebum resistance allow the beautiful finish to last.

Friction resistant.Very water resistant.Sweat Proof

Resistant to sebum shine


The fragrance of hydrangea dewdrops and sage induces a clear mood



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How To Use

How to use

1, Dot onto five areas:  forehead, both cheeks, nose (bridge), and chin.2, Apply quickly  in large spiral motions.3, Spread out widely in one direction and spread evenly across the face.4, Carefully press the face  with the palm for better absorption.

Product LINEUP

To maintain sunscreen effects, reapply frequently when after wiping off sweat.
The SPF value indicates protection factor against UV-B waves, while PA categories show protection effect against UV-A waves.
SPF values and PA categories are measured by applying 2mg per 1cm based on international standards.
Please take these information into your consideration when selecting a product.

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